Complex for social services for children and families - Vidin

Institute for Social Activities and Practices
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 3700 ::: Vidin ::: District: Vidin
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25a, Str. Knyaz Boris I
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
"We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for children, young people and their parents. In it, their mental, emotional and physical needs will be leading in the planning and implementation of the activities of the specialists of the Complex. We will discover the basic individual skills and talents of each of them. We will increase their potential for expression, uniqueness and problem solving capabilities. We will work to create a bridge to connect everyone with independent and independent life. The bridge will be built from a variety of group and individual work programs based on the multidisciplinary approach, teamwork and best practices. We will provide opportunities and conditions for them to acquire skills for a successful, independent and lifelong self-sustaining self-sustaining and development model. " Ensuring quality social services for children and families through a methodology based on the principles of good treatment, standards of quality of services and the principles and values ​​of modern social work. § Creation of a sustainable and working model for interinstitutional cooperation on the territory of Vidin municipality. § Ensuring the participation of the users of the services, above all the children in the decision-making processes about the type and the manner of providing the services. § Updating the set of services provided, depending on the dynamics of community needs. Develop the capacity and the range of services provided in the Complex so that they are more in line with the needs of the target groups. § Further development of mobile social work both on the ground - in the street and in the community, in the family, in the home of the consumers, when it is difficult for the clients or there are different hindrances to come to the Complex.
Target group/s or clients :

Children, their parents and relatives and in particular:
List 1 of target groups Estimate of the expected number
Direct Users Indirect Users
1. Children and adolescents accommodated in specialized institutions 
1.1 Children to be moved to another service (foster care, adoption) Children with Reintegration Plan 
1.2. Children attending group work - workshops 
Children over 17 years leaving the institution
2. Children at risk of dropping out of school 
About 200 children and families and through mobile social work
3. Children with deviant behavior 
3.1. Work on individual cases and Directorate of Social Assistance’s  inspectors 
3.2. cases at the request of parents
3.3. campaigns against drug use, smoking, etc. -
About 300 school-age children
4. Children who are victims of abuse, violence or exploitation
or outside the family environment 
About 500 children through anti-violence campaigns
5. Children on the street, children with mild disability (autistic, downhill, etc.) 
List 2
Families, single parents, young mothers and pregnant women at risk of abandoning their children 
1.2. Through campaigns and informational meetings, mobile social work 
Support for Positive Parenting 
Prevention of violence 10 5000 (campaigns)
1.3. Prenatal and postnatal support
2. Candidates for foster families and foster families, candidates for adoptive parents and adoptive parents Individual and group work  families  (campaigns)
3.Children whose children use the services of the Complex for reintegration and social integration, including parents of children with disabilities 
Through individual and group work, counseling 
4.Families whose children use the services of the Complex for the rehabilitation of violence, neglect, deviant behavior, etc. 

Short description:

Emphasis is placed on the specific assistance provided to children and the development of special services to support child development and protection. These services are provided to the clients of the Cомплеь, Day Care Center (DCD) and Monitored residence, depending on the direction and needs assessment of each individual case. The child work team is prepared to provide the following services: children leaving institutions - "Monitored residence"; self-service; individual work and counseling of children who are victims of violence; emergency admission of child victims of violence; preparing children for hearing in court; counseling children with behavioral problems; Day center and children's playground (substitute and part-time); school support for children dropping out of school (both as an activity in the day center and as an activity in the Complex, depending on the individual needs of the child and the age); support for children placed in foster parents; workshops of interest; summer clubs and studios for children at risk. Services aimed at parents and relatives of children are offered both in the Complex and in the Day care center. The following services are provided: individual support and counseling of parents and relatives of children at risk, including parents of children with disabilities; escort, mediation (mediation) between institutions; a foster care service and a regional foster care center; family group conference; adoption support; support for parents of children victims of violence; work with parents, with children in institutions - reintegration; early intervention services; family planning (group and individual form); family counseling (group and individual form).

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