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The Professional Field of Social Activities at the University of Rousse is accredited with an excellent grade and the specialties in it are designed to meet the social needs of applying proven values ​​in national, European and world values, education and professional activity in social work. Priorities in the learning process are: continuous bonding of values, theory and practice; Training of specialists with a contemporary educational and qualification profile; Respecting the ethical principles of social work; Formation of appropriate professional-personality trainees; Identification with the professional community of social workers. The mission of the Social Workers' Club is to provide conditions for: promoting the educational, scientific and professional development of students, social workers and teachers; Intensifying communication and partnership between students, teachers and social practitioners; Exchanging ideas and positions on current social and scientific issues and experiences between professional and academic generations; Active involvement in educational, research, project and volunteer activities contributing to social change, development and the formation of a tolerant and non-discriminatory society.
Target group/s or clients :

Students and professors from the specialties in the professional field "Social activities" (if desired and activity from other professional fields), social workers from social activities, non-governmental organizations with social orientation of activity, users of social services, citizens from the community.

Short description:

The training in the specialties of the professional field is oriented towards receiving from the students training: meeting the requirements for advanced and quality training; Consistent with national traditions and requirements for the social worker's profession; Taking into account and preserving the achievements in the process of development of education in social activities in our country; Taking into account the European and world trends and standards in social work education. It is subject to the need of continuous learning, change and development, learning of newness, learning of experience and traditions in order to fulfill a current learning process and to Specialists are trained to change and develop themselves and the establishments in which they work.
The Social Worker's Club is a voluntary union of students and professors from the specialties in the professional field "Social activities" of the University of Rousse and practitioners of social workers, who are driven by the desire to work together to improve the quality of education in social activities, to enhance the public prestige of The profession of social worker and social work as an important element of social protection. The values ​​and ethics to which members of the club adhere are consistent with those of the professional community of social workers. The activities of the club contribute to raising the awareness of the members on topical scientific, educational and applied problems of social work and to realizing in partnership research, project and practical activities in order to find an appropriate response to these problems, performing volunteer work.

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