Center for family-type accommodation “New home – new chance” - Lom

Municipality of Lom
Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
Postal code: 3600 ::: Lom ::: District: Montana
Street, No.:
36 - A, Str. Tsar Simeon
Phone: 0971 / 60 326 ::: Fax:
Mobile phone:
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
The main goal of the New Home - New Chance Center is to provide a quality of life that ensures the full physical, emotional and cognitive development and social inclusion of each child in their natural environment by providing care and support.
Target group/s or clients :

Children from the Lom municipality aged 7 to 18 years who have been exhausted until the moment they are admitted to the Center have the opportunity to stay and return to the biological family, placement in the family of relatives and relatives or foster family.

Short description:

The Center team organizes the daily life of the children according to pre-prepared common rules for the organization of their lives. It provides a constant care for each child according to their needs and according to their opinion and choice.
Each child is assisted in maintaining the order and hygiene of his assigned premises, and in their common places they share responsibilities with each other, together with the team of the Center.
Children attend a general education establishment according to their capabilities. Providing a resource teacher for children with special educational needs in mainstream schools. There is support for better professional orientation.
Based on the assessment for each child, it is ensured that it is involved in various activities to acquire independent life skills and to enhance personal, social and civic culture and competence through group and individual activities in different areas:
§ Everyday life skills:
- Feeding;
- Hygiene;
- Health care;
- Household skills;
- Self-care skills - food preparation, laundry and ironing, skills for safe use of household appliances and other electrical appliances, familiarization with food products;
- Choice of appropriate clothing and care for clothing;
- How to manage your money - allocation of your personal budget - money, prices, goods; economical shopping;
- Skills for organizing and managing time.
§ Skills related to community life:
- Getting to know the place and its surroundings;
- Use of public services and various institutions.
§ Social and Personal Skills for Life:
- Self-knowledge;
- My family;
- Managing emotions and preventing conflicts;
- Communication;
- Skills to behave appropriately in the social environment.
§ Intimacy and sexuality:
- Changes in the body;
- Human sexuality?
- Pregnancy and Prevention of Adverse Pregnancy;
- Prevention of sexually transmitted infections;
- Responsible sexual behavior.
The Center assists and provides conditions for children to be involved in various activities, activities and initiatives according to their individual interests:
- sports activities and competitions;
- cultural events;
- access to information and mass media;
- resorts and camps;
- clubs of interest, workshops, creative and sports schools;
- celebrating significant personal events and other national and religious holidays;
- games.
The building has two floors, with an area of 201 sq.m. and has three bedrooms with three beds. Each floor has a separate bathroom with a bath. The users of the social service use three common rooms - kitchen, dining room and living room.

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