Case management office

Type of structure :
Social service provided in the community
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Str. Dunarii, nr. 7
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Mission or main objective/purpose :
Ensures within the residence of a natural person or family, the upbringing and care of the child who is temporarily or permanently separated from their parents as a result of the establishment, according to conditions provided by the law, of the foster care measure.  
Target group/s or clients :
  • The child, who is temporarily or permanently deprived from the parental care
  • The child whose parents are deceased, unknown, who lost their parental rights;
  • The child abused, neglected, abandoned or left in the sanitary units


200 places
Short description:

The office provides the following social services: legal counseling, supervision, family and community reintegration, socialization and leisure time activities, indefinite accommodation, personal care, informal and non-formal education, development of independent living skills, counseling and emotional support , vocational guidance, and socio-professional orientation, family reintegration/integration, maintenance of  family relationships.

The Office operates with a staff of 213 members of the management staff (1 Head of Office, 1 Head of Service), specialized staff.


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