10 reasons to apply for the 18th International Youth Conference!

  1. You can attend the conference in your PJs;
  2. Valuable information and recourses provided by the inspirational speakers and youth relevant topics;
  3.  User friendly sessions and working groups;
  4. No worrying about missing a birth to attend a  conference session. The sessions will be waiting for you on the conference channels;
  5. You can ask directly your questions to the experts and practitioners in the filed you are interested in;
  6. Attend all 6 sessions of the conference and gain the recognized certificate for participation;
  7. The digital conference is the most cost effective way to access to knowledge, information and contacts;
  8. If you miss this one you will wait to have another 10 months to express your opinion for the EU integration in the region;
  9. A thousands possibilities for networking;
  10. Possibility to lobby for your vision for the region you want to live in.