Results of a survey on healthy eating (Professional High School of Economics - Pernik)

We did a questionnaire (survey) focused on healthy eating that aimed to establish students' knowledge of the importance and benefits of eating healthy. The survey contained 7 main questions related to the topic.

On the first question, more than 60% of the people surveyed say that healthy eating is a limited consumption of harmful foods and drinks, the remaining 35-40% thinks that the consumption of fruits, vegetables and other things is also important.

Misconceptions about healthy food (Gymnasium "Bora Stankovic") Bor

There are many truths, but also misconceptions in different spheres. So it is with (un) healthy eating. We often think that we are well aware of the topic, but many times we can make mistakes or to be "slaves" to established thoughts and understandings. We can live in an illusion. Therefore, we have prepared for you the five most compelling myths about healthy food.

Healthy Eating Lesson - Grade 5 at NMPG Montana

The NMPG - Montana Student Council, together with the teacher on Human and Nature - Mrs. Tsvetomila Tsenova, held a lesson on nutrition and health in 5th grade. The lesson is taught in Google Classroom. The junior high school students were introduced to important information: Why should we wash our hands? Food preparation. Meals and menu. Why do we need fibers?

Healthy Eating Questionnaire at NMPG - Montana

The NMPG - Montana Student Council has created a Healthy Nutrition Survey for students in grades 6 through 12 in our high school. The purpose of the survey is to research young people about their attitudes towards healthy eating. The duestionnaire was posted on the class groups of Facebook and the high school electronic journal. The results are comming soon !!!

Qestionnaire (in Bulgarian) 

Health Food Questionnaire-Gymnasium "Bora Stankovic" Bor

Students' Parliament from Gymnasium Bora Stankovic participated in the creation of healthy food questionnaire. The aim was to examine what the term healthy food means to pupils, how often it is consumed and how important it is to them. High school pupils participated in the survey, and the questionnaire was completed online. Attached is a list of questions, brief impressions and results obtained in the form of diagrams.


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