Results of a survey on healthy eating (Professional High School of Economics - Pernik)

We did a questionnaire (survey) focused on healthy eating that aimed to establish students' knowledge of the importance and benefits of eating healthy. The survey contained 7 main questions related to the topic.

On the first question, more than 60% of the people surveyed say that healthy eating is a limited consumption of harmful foods and drinks, the remaining 35-40% thinks that the consumption of fruits, vegetables and other things is also important.

On the second question, the results show that more than 50% of the people surveyedconsume healthy food every day, and the remaining 40-45% of them consumes that kind of food once or twice a week, or less.

On the third question, 92% of the people surveyed believe that healthy eating enhances growth, and the remaining 8% - doubt this fact.

More than 60 % of those who answered question 4 said they doesn`t have opportunity to eat healthy at school.

As a result of the information received so far, it appears that 98.4% of the people surveyed wish they had a place in the school, where they can eat healthy food.

On the sixth question, more than 90% of the people surveyed thing that healthy lifestyle depends not only on healthy eating, but also on sleeping well and doing some sport.

About question №7 - almost 80% of the respondents agree with the fact that the amount of food we consume on a daily base is relevant to our health.

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