A Spot for Healthy Eating - Ideas from SP of FLHS - Vidin

The chill spot for healthy meals is a place where students can rest between the classes and eat their snacks while interacting with each other.Here the students can get a way from the tough school program for a moment.This will be a great place for meeting new people and getting to know each other.

The students duty will be to take care of the chill spot and maintain the hygiene,which will develop responsibility.Phones and other digital devices are not allowed as well as sitting there all the time,because the meaning of the chill spot is to be used by as many students as possible.


The walls of the spot will be decorated as you like:

  • Student's paintings
  • Photos of each class
  • Quotes that we like (in frames)
  • Graffiti 
  • IMPORTANT:Rules for using the spot


We suggest some visualised options:

  • Sofa and chairs
  • Tables and chairs
  • Bookstand and place to put other different things 
  • Flowers in pots
  • Bins (on every corner or a big automatic one)
  • Books and magazines with interesting facts on healthy foods 
  • A poster with the rules on the wall:
  1. You should eat healthy foods              
  2. Keep it quiet                                             
  3. Make a friend 
  4. Be friendly with everyone 
  5. Interact with others instead of using you phone
  6. Clean after yourself 

Cleaning of the chill spot:

To maintain the spot's hygiene there will be a schedule which will require to clean the place in the end of the day.The project will be financially supported by the students' council depending on its budget acquired from:parents,bake sales and other.

  • Total Visitors: 230909