Disasters memories Bechet


When the people living in Bechet have been asked questions about the most recent disaster produced in their locality, the most frequent answer has been “The floods from 2006”.

We, all the people that were in Bechet in 2006, we can still remember all the efforts which have been done for preventing the disaster that was to come and the efforts necessary to decrease the consequences of this disaster and for helping the affected citizens.

More exactly, when the levels of the Danube river have increased and the water reached near the protection pier and the weather forecasts  announced a continuous increase of the Danube, at Bechet (and not only)  the Committee for emergency situations has been convened and the population from the “valley” part (the areas exposed to the flooding risk) was informed and the citizens have been mobilized for raising the level of the protection pier with bags full of sand. Most citizens who were able to work have participated and thus a common and sustained effort began: they brought sand then they were loading the bags who were taken by the carts, tractors or cars and put them along the pier, till the limit with the neighbor localities, Ostraveni and Calarasi. It has been a common effort realized  by the  institutions from Bechet city and by their inhabitants, which has not been seen before. The Easter Holidays from that year were spent near the pier, loading and moving bags full of sand.

But, nevertheless, the pier was broken by the Danube downstream from Bechet, near Dabuleni city.

Because of the land slope from that area, the whole quantity of water came back, on the side of the pier, to Bechet (passing through the southern part of Dabuleni city and Sarata village, which belongs to Calarasi commune).   

Thus, a new work has begun, putting bags of sand  on the road from Bechet to the harbor, for protection against the Danube waters who were coming now from the eastern part. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands of bags  have been carried by people, in that period. In that period, the evacuation of the citizens from the risk areas has begun. They were taken for accommodation to their relatives or to the sport building of the high school, but most of them were taken to the Celebration Salon from Bechet. A military canteen has been installed there in a few days, which was necessary to feed the refugees.

Finally, in spite of all the efforts, the Danube has also exceeded the road that was leading to the harbor, although it has been previously raised with 3-4 rows of  bags full of sand and it finally flooded all the lower areas, damaging houses, fountains and some whole households.

All our efforts were now meant to help the affected citizens:  they needed food, the damages caused by the water in case of every household should be evaluated, there were necessary some efforts to take the water out of the cellars, houses, etc., to decrease the effects (if the water was staying more time near the houses, the damages were bigger).

Some construction materials were brought for the citizens whose houses have been torn down by the waters, they received  a plot of land and materials for building new houses.

This event has given us a lesson, learning many things which joined us in a common effort meant to help our peers. In the same time, we were impressed by the big number of people from the localities which have not been affected by the floods or from the country, who came to help the refugees: A bakery has sent bread, another locality has sent beds, cloths, tins, a group of pupils and teachers from Alba county has brought cloths, writing materials and money  for the refugees’ pupils and a lot of small or big companies were also implied to support the refugees.

It was difficult, really hard, but we had the satisfaction  that no human victim has been registered and that we made all the efforts, both for preventing the disaster and also for decreasing its effects.

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