Disasters - memories in Bistreț commune, Dolj county

A nightmare lived by the people from Bistret commune, in 2006. On the 23rd of April 2006, with the occasion of the Easter Holidays, the  authorities issued an  alarm, the alarm has not been activated  for 40 years, this time announcing that is starts the inhabitants'  evacuation who are situated in front of the Danube's waters.

The pier from  Bistret has been broken, despite all the efforts of the authorities and of the inhabitants of consolidating it. It was broker on 14.04.2006 in the area Bistret-Rast and on 24.04.2006 in the area Bistret- Nedeia . The initial surface of  30 meters has increased, only in a few hours, to over one hundred of meters. Immediately, the authorities have decided that a number of  2.500 persons should be evacuated. „The compartmentalization pier from Bistret was broken on a length of over one hundred  meters and the water comes towards the communes Bistret – Cârna – Gighera – Macesu de Jos. The danger is very high because the water in continuously increasing in volume. About 22.000 hectares of land will be flooded and the localities situated on the water way  have about 9.000 inhabitants“, as the commander of ISU DOLJ was saying then.

Over  200 gendarmes were trying to  evacuate the population from Bistret locality, but a big number of the villagers have refused to leave. „We won't leave because we cannot leave our animals alone. We will go only if the water reaches close to our house”, were they shouting desperately.

The second day of the Easter holidays some thousands of people were collecting the most valuable things from their houses, they were loading them in the transport means that they had and they were leaving from the path of the waters towards some more secure areas. Only in a month the waters retired and the population came back in the village. What village, because more than a half of the houses, built from mud and compressed dirt disappeared. A number of  147 houses from Plosca and 20 from Bistret have been flooded, over 100 houses crashed in  Plosca village, a surface of 1km from the national road 55A Bechet-Calafat was also affected.

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