Disasters - memories - Calafat

The localities situated on the Danube Valley such as Ciupercenii Vechi, Calafat, Desa, Rast have periodically experienced floods and flash floods because of the Danube.

The most recent disaster of this type has been produced about 11 years ago, in April 2006, when the waters have destroyed the protection pier from Ciupercenii Vechi, by flooding the agricultural lands, the roads and the people’s houses.

The implication of the authorities was prompt. After the discussions with the representative of the Town Hall Calafat, we have found out that in that period a number of about 2000 inhabitants from that locality have been isolated in the village, the county road Calafat- Ciupercenii Vechi being flooded. In fact, this road is situated near the flood area which is full of water before flooding the village. According to the statistics, there have been sent in the area some hundreds of bags with sand, equipment, volunteer teams and gendarmes to strengthen the pier.

The historical data show that such natural disasters are cyclical, the locality Ciupercenii Vechi also being covered during the years  ”70.

In the last years, when the Danube has exceeded, in  May 2014,  with 8 cm the danger limit, the local authorities have taken measures to avoid other disasters produced by the waters.

Because they endanger the agricultural cultures and the houses even the schools, the floods represent, in consequence a real danger for our community. Like any other natural hazard, the floods cannot be prevented, but their effects can be a lot decreased  by the  implication of the community and by taking some concrete and durable measures.

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