Gymnasium Scool Carna, Romania



     The village Cârna is paced on the south side of the country, in the Development Region south-west Oltenia.

According to the teritorial aspect – administriveley it`s an independent village made of Carna village

    It is borderd by the following administrativ units: Goicea village at north, villages  Uphill Măceşu, and Downhill  Măceşu at east, village Bistreţ at west, river Danube ( which makes the natural border with  Bulgaria at south).

Also  Cârna  village is situated west  from the  Desnăţui River and north from Bistreţ pound.

     Between these bonderies, the total village of  Cârna village is of  8351 ha.

    In comparison with close-by villages it is at a distance of 6 km away from  Downhill Măceşu at east,  9 km away from Uphill Măceşu at east, 5 km away from Goicea village at north and 10 km away from Bistreţ village at west.

Is situated at 30 km away from Segarcea city, 40 km away from Băileşti and about 60 km away from Craiova.

   Inside of  Dolj county, the location is found on it`s south side, namely on  the south west side of Desnăţui Field, being situated on the Danube Terraces.

Cârna village is situated on the inferiour terrace of  the Danube.

The learning section has manifested it`s self since the oldest of times. The school units, the number of pupils and of the learning personel have evolved while the community was developing.

    At Cârna the school functions since the year 1863, being build on the expence of the village and was attended by 53 boys and 8 girls.

    Also, the oldest school document found in the archieve of the school called ,,The minute-of inspection” dated since April 1886 leads to the conclusion that the school was founded since 1885, while the next document called as the first one from the 9th of May 1886 speaks of ,,20 boys şi 2 girls divided in four classrooms”, and another minute from the same year 1886 recalls of pupils devided in 4 classrooms.

    So, the year when the Mixte School from Cârna was founded is September 1882.

    In the year 1912 in the village there were two school units according with ,,History dctionary of Dolj County”.

    In the year 1949 there ws one preschool learning unit, a primary learning unit and one gimnasyum unit.

     In the year 1964 the school was counting over 350 pupils, of VIIIth grade since that school year on was functioning with 49 pupls, because the classrooms were divided at 51 pupils. Classes I-VIII were functioning with two paralel classes.

In the year 1979 the same number of learning units is maintained (a kindergarden, a school, in which there were both a primary cycle as well as gimnasyum cycle).

    The total number of registerd children in this learning units was of 209 cildren out of which in preschool system were 39 children with 2 teachers; 190 cildren were inscribed at primary cycle and gimnasyum and were under the observation of  16 teachers.

     During the years 1985-1992 we notice a decrease of the number of children, so if in the year 1985 there were 246 children, out of which 46 in preschool and 206 in the primary and gimnasyum learning system, in the year 1992 a total of 126 cildren are recorded, out of which 36 from preschool learning system  and the rest in the primary and gimnasyum system.

      From the analyse made on the interval 1964-2007 we notice obvious up`s and downs of the personel of the learning units, especially a decrease of the pupils in the last years at all learning levels.

      The school buildings date from 1906 with at least four classrooms and 1968 with at least five classrooms. There was also a building built in the year 1949 with four classrooms, which is now the headquarters of Mayor`s Hall Cârna.

     As a result of the floods from the spring of 2006 the building buit in  1906 was badley damaged, so that in the fall of the year 2007 a new building was put to use were the primary cycle functions.

    The material base in the year 1969 was made of  9 classrooms.

     In the year 1992 sthe schools were updated with a number of 4 classrooms, 4 laboratories and a library.

     Presently the school functions with 2 groups- 36 preschoolars; 4 classrooms - 64 pupils in primary schools; 3 classrooms - 43 gimnasyum pupils – total - 9 classrooms : total 143 pupils.

      The school has qualified personel at all disciplines la toate disciplinele: 2 educators: 1 replacement+1 main educator; 4 teachers of primary learning: 3 main teachers + 1 replacement and 17 teachers 14 main teachers+3 suplinitori.

     Over 70% from the total of the pupils are of rroma origin, but undeclared, so this is why we face with a higher percentage of absences in gimnasyum as wel as in the preschool learning system. The pupils found in this situation come from monoparental families, with poor material situation close to poverty. From the total number of pupils, 55 % belong to vulnerable groups: (with high risk of abandoning school, who`s parents are abroad, thouse with behaviur problems, children with por material situations, children found at risk of early marrige).

       In our vision the school is : ,,A school with equal chances for all the children in a continously changing society!’’

    We have a mission and that is:’’We are a family! Together we build, we learn, we inovate, we keep traditions! We are an opened school for the community. We prepare the future graduates to be integrated in a society found in change.’’

     In this sense our school policy is grounded on  a real educational partnership with the parents, the church, the police, the local community and different school educational activities and extracuricular activities ment to increase the interest of the children towards education, and to motivate them to come to school, to improve their school results and to create abilities for a healthy life.

     In the previous school years, the pupils of the school found at risk of abandoning were involved in diferent projects,  programmes  and campaigns to prevent and reduce  the abandon and the tendency of not going to school. Their objectives were to insure the acces to education, prevent school abandonement, improve school performances of the pupils, develop armoniusly the personality of the child (incresing the self-esteem, the trust in their own forces, management of the emotion and conflict solving, reducing the anti-social behaviour).

     As a result of the partnerships with County Library ,,Alexadru si Arestia Aman’’, Craiova, the NGO ,,Nasta’’, The Church ,,Saint.Michael and Gabriel’’Cârna, we consider that our institution is opened to any type of partnership/project needed to support the children, considering ourself a capable partner to succesfully fullfil it`s responsabilities in this project, insuring to the children from the target group the conditions needed to develop the necessary abilities, in order to socially integrate.


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