Profesional School Valea Stanciului, Romania


The school unit belongs to a community from a very old rural side, located in the south section  of Dolj County, in Oltenia`s field, on the right shore of the Jiu river, at 50 de km away from Craiova city. The commnity has today a population of about 6200 habitants and was identified in history documents since the XVI th century.

            In the year 1883 the school is founded, and at that time is was considered as a charity act for the people working on the fields of a rich lord Constantin N. Mihail. Te school has functioned at the begining under the name of “Primary School for boys and girls Nicolache Mihail”, the building had a very special architecture, under the shape of greek temple in  doric style, and even today is present in the catalogue of historical monuments of Oltenia.

            Under the actual name ste school is functioning since 1st of September 2012. Is a relatively young school unit from the learning system of  Dolj County and up to now has prepared mechanical workers, responding to the request of labour force of the localcommunity labour market and the market of the entire zone. The school containes preeschool learning as well as primary and gymnasium.

The Professional School from Valea Stanciului is a learnng institution which offers to the young people of the area preparation in the mechanical field. The mission of our schools comes out from the educational needs indentified at society`s level, but also of the local community. To promote an opened learning system, flexible and able to perform, the Professional School Valea Stanciului has aimed to :

  •  Be an opened school for alll thouse who need education; in our opinion education is not a preveledge for few ones, but a right of everyone.
  • Satisfy the need of the people to feel competent, integrated in the group and independent.

Follow the people`s preparation for a changing world, creating for them capacities, abiities and competences which will allow them to find their own place and social calling.

  • Promote the principle of equal chances, respecting each child no matter how poor it`s school results would be, indentifying each and everyone aptitudes in order to develop them.
  •  Be connected at the qualification needs felt by the economy by forming a new professionl culture, pluridisciplinary, dynamic and elastic.
  • Ensure the developement of the career, increasing the degree of occupation and autonomy, aiming to train acctive and responsable ctisens.
  • Our school wishes to become a microcommunity inside the community, based on values, with a well shaped personality coming from the conexion with local tradition were young people can keep aquiring the needed abilities for a usefull and needed profession.
  • Our school accepts to keep continuing to follow the local traditions and habits.

Professional School Valea Stanciului represents the main supplier of work force qualified in the field of agricultural mechanics from the area Valea Stanciului-Drănic-Gângiova-Gighera-Dobreşti.

      Professional School Valea Stanciului has a good relationship with the local authorities in order to improve the quality of the education for the children in the village.


Our school has a number has 620 pupils, out of which 180 learn at the Gymnasial School structure Horezu-Poenari, 75 are pupils of professional school.

Professional School Valea Stanciului wishes to educate all the cildren from Valea Stanciului Village. At the structure from  Horezu-Poenari, where at least 40% are children of rroma origin, the school wishes to get toghether everyone at school, knowing that this is the base of a quality education makig them to frequent it daily. The Mayor Hall and the School, in partnership with  Ovidiu Ro have organised summer workshops as well as the Program  Hopscoth in Two (buget 20 000 leis). Has also worked with the  Foundation Terre des Hommes by organising the program MOVE, School after school and Summer Activities by participating at the informational meeting at the project PRAEVENIR.

In the year 2014 and 2015 the project each child in kindergarden  financed by the european funds with ammounts of  45 000 lei only for social tickets each year at wich we add tickets for the day of the fruits, school notebooks and pens, project wich was coordinated by the school principal Neda Anca Irina.

Consulting Community Council is another active partner in in organising the project at village level  has aimed to develop this project in Horezu Poenari. The association Amazonia, by it`s representative, Neda Anca Irina, which has as a mission to help the disatvantaged people has ensured the management of the projects until now in partnership with  Terre des Hommes : the School after  VIIIth grade  in value of 15 400 lei.

In the comunity Amazonia Association has developed the project „The Antreprenour woman „ with a buget of  10 000 euro in which 24 women have participated at nitting training.

The school whishes to iincrease the participation of the pupils of rroma origin and not only, at trainings up to the end of the mandatory learning process, especially because there is the Professional School inside the community. The local authorities wish to increase the life level of rroma people and not only, by improving their education and their participation on the labour market. In the year2015 there was the project „Everybody has the right to education” iinitiated by School no 5 Sacele, at which we participated as a partner with our own bugrt of  100 000 euro. The contribution of the Mayor`s Hall was of 2 %.. During this project 15 children have followed trainings A second chance and 45 classes of school after school type.

The Local Authorities, The Rroma Community, NGO-s and the School are interested to initiate and elaborate educational projects adressed to the members of community in order to improve their life level and their safety..


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