Theoretical Highschool Bechet, Romania



In Bechet city – found on the south of Dolj County, harbour at Danube and State Border crossing point towards  Bulgaria – first unit of learning dates since the year 1853. In 1894 another school location was build, were nowthe Primary school from Bechet functions, after it`s rehabilitation thru the World Bank, in the year 2003.

           In the year 1958 the actual location of the Theoretic Highschool Bechet was build, where they functioned (under the name of Mixed Medium School, Theoretic Highschool or Agroindustrial Highschool) highschool classes in the period 1958 – 1978, and since 1990 the Theoretic Highschool Bechet was rebuild.

Today, Theoretic Highschool Bechet schools preschoolars/pupils fror preschoolar, primary, gimnasyum and higschool levels . Since 2004 up to 2009 in the highschool there was the school of arts and jobs, having the food industry profile. Since the year 2009, the Theoretic Highschool Bechet, has theoretical highschool classes – real profile – specialisation math it and technologic highschool – natural resiyrces profile and enviorement protection – food industry profile – specialisation – analysys technician of food products.

Theoretic Highschool Bechet, school unit with juridical personality, has the following structures:


042Primary School Bechet           

Adress Alley Jiului, no.28, Bechet, telephone: 0251337213



IMG_0294Kindergarden nr.1 Bechet

Adress: Street. T. Arghezi, no.26, Bechet





048Kindergarden Nr.2

Adress: Alley Jiului, no.28, Bechet, Telephone: 0251337213


Material base of the highschool, completed by finalizing the School Campus Bechet, offer to the pupils the opportunity to complete their school and professional education. This is made of classrooms and laboratories equiped with furniture and techhnical equipement at european standards, schhhhool workshops, gyms, sport fields, dining rooms, boarding school for pupils, studios for teachers.

The teachers are qualified and well prepared



















Parents crisis of time due to the actual economical situation which reduces the involvement of the famiily in the school life  it`s reflected both in  the teacher -pupil relationship and in the school performance of the pupils.

The migration of the families to find a place of work leads to reducing the number of pupils and incresing school abandonment;

Our school policy is based on a real educational partnership with the parents, the local community and different educational activities in school and ouside of it ment to increase the interet of the children towards the educational act, to motivate them to come to school, to improve their school results and to make healthy life abilities.

Satisfying the need of each pupil to feel competent in having and using the information, opened to change understanding and respecting the social cultural values of a democratic society is a priority for our unit, as well as to complete the personality of the pupil, offering knowlege and capacities contained i the concept of general culture, but mostly competences whch allow orientation and active into a social enviorement who`s main idea is to accelerate the rithm of changes, the learning process having to ensure the capacity of the pupil to reach a high degree of self knowlege and the possibility to adjust the personal training interests  with the offer of the school and the predictible evolutions of the social enviorement.

For the future we aim to transform the school into a center of educational and service resources offered to the community thru the interaction of the school with the social, cultural and economic enviorement.

We function today with a number of 105 preschoolars, 246 pupils in primary cycle, 145 pupils in gimnasyum cycle, 145 pupils in highscool cycles – total: 641 pupils. Our unit has qualified personel at all disciplines: 47 teachers (5 educators, 11 primary teachers, 28 teachers). Out of these 37 are main teachers, and 10 are qualfied replacements.





            Considering our wish to prevent absenteism and school abandonement, we consider that our institution can be a capable prtner to fulfill thir responsabilities which we have in this project to ensure te people from the target group to develop tthe necessary competences to keep studying, in order to socially integrate.


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