Goicea Gymnasium School, Romania





The adress of the unit:  Village Goicea, judeţul Dolj

                                   Code  207305

                                   Tel: 0251/256 353

Village  Goicea represents one of the 104 villages of Dolj County and it is situated on the south  side of it, west from Jiu river, at the confluence area of small river Desnăţui with the ponds of Danube (Bistreţ - Cârna), in the riverside of the Danube Dunării,  great shiping european chanel.

            The school is located in the downtown of the village, nearby to the Local Council and the Police Station. If initially in  Goicea village there were 3 schools, Popoviceni, Goicea Mare(Big Goicea) and Goicea Mică(Little Goicea),  gradually,   as a result of the fact that the school population decreased,  since  1 of September  1977,  there is only one primary school.

            The actual location was inaugurated at 1 of September 1981, as a modern building fo that time (ground floor and 2 levels), having 10 classrooms and 2 laboratories. Thanks to „Brotherhood Commitee  Goicea -Vevey”  the school was equiped with 6 computers, and so an it laboratory was created, improved afterwords with a ntwork of 10 computers.

Since 21 of May 2005, the school is named  „Tudor Segărceanu”, son of the village and founder of many associations  and scientific society in the field of steel from Romania. The school is the second institution  bearing it`s name after the Institute of  Rare and non iron metals şi Rare from Bucharest

The unit has 13 class rooms (4 of the structures) si  2 laboratories. The school also has 1 clasrooms were there are the  10 computers which allow letters  AEL system.

            The library has a book fund of 4567  volumes.

            The school doesn`t have a medical facility, asistenţa the assistance being insured by the general practicioner from this village.

Există 3 building 1 school building  and 2 building for the structures.

The logistical base also includes: telephone ,internet, fax , copy machines,  printing machines,1 tv set.

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