Low secondary school „Ivan Vazov“ - Montana, Bulgaria

Address: 3400 Montana, 48 Aleksander Batenberg Str.

Tel: 096/303 320


IV Law Secondary School "Ivan Vazov" in city of Montana was founded in 1968. 570 students are attended. The management team is consisted of the Principal and Deputy Principal.

The pedagogical staff is specialist teachers who work with students from class I to VII. Annually staff participates in additional trainings related to work on improving teaching methodology and develop a number of extracurricular project activities.

The school has a tradition in projects developing students' interests in sports, arts and natural sciences. Proof of this are the numerous prizes won in many competitions, festivals and competitions. Examples of such activities under the project "Success" show the willingness of our students and their parents to be actively involved in school life.

IV ОУ „ Иван Вазов“ гр. Монтана все още няма традиции в областта на доброволчеството и затова интересът към проект „Мрежа от сигурни училища“ е много голям.

IV Law Secondary School "Ivan Vazov" in city of Montana has no tradition of volunteering, so the interest in the project "Safe School Network" is very large.

Volunteering Clubs, formed under the project mention above.


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