Low Secondary School "Ivan Vazov" - Berkovitsa, Bulgaria

 Address: 3500 Berkovitsa, 1 Ashiklar Str.                                           

Тel: 0953/ 88 028 ,    0887660602             

Е-mail: ou_ivan_vazov@abv.bg



Third Law Secondary School "Ivan Vazov" in Berkovitza was open on 1 of September, 1969. It occurs at a time when Berkovitza was a preferred place for living for people from the surrounding villages. This was a time when the town's population was constantly increasing.

Initially, the school was housed in the building of a school "Doctor Ivan Panov" in which students are allocated in two-shift mode. In 1973 the school acquired its own building.

For 48 year history the school has been scope for professional realization of some of the best teachers in the town, and its alumni live and work in many places around the world.

During the current school year the number of students is 214 students in 11 classes (I to VIII class) and 18 children in the preparatory group.

The overall activity of teachers is aimed at:

o creating a sense of responsible attitude towards the learning process;

o overcome the manifestations of aggression and intolerance towards weaker and different;

o successful integration of children and parents from different ethnic groups into school life;

o accessibility of the educational process in schools for children with special educational needs;

o development of individual abilities and skills of adolescents, stimulating creativity and creative thinking.

Our students are involved in various extracurricular activities that engage their time.

Almost every year youth fire team "Young firefighter" in the school participates in the Regional round of the competition and takes prizes. During the school year 2015-2016 the team ranked second place, while in the month of June 2013 the team represented Montana in the finals of the national championship.

For two years we were partners in the project "Prevention and education - cooperation between local authorities and the police, aimed at schools and educational institutions '', financed by the Regional Partnerships of Comenius Programme "Lifelong Learning " coordinated by Municipality Elblyog, Poland.

From October 2015, in the school operates Children's Police Academy. Children participates in it, acquires knowledge of policing profession for various types of police officers and their responsibilities for the main tasks of the police and how this acts. CPA teams learn from their friends – police officers what crime means, what guilt means and how to prove it. They understand that the police not only reveal crimes, but also strive to prevent it.

With participation in the project "Safe School Network" we see a new playing field. It is a new opportunity for young people to improve their social skills, develop skills for teamwork, solving conflicts skills, and to develop qualities such as responsibility, sociability and leadership so necessary to deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow.




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