Regional competition - Vidin

30.04.2019 The school Competition "Disaster, Fire and Emergency Protection" at district level was held in Vidin. In the competition took part teams from seven schools in Vidin region.

The winners of the competition are the students from the Secondary School "Exarch Antim I" - Vidin, second place is the team of school "St. Kiril and Metodiy" Vidin. Third place was the students from school "Vasil Levski", town of Kula. The winners received medals, cups and certificates.

Inspector Vladimir Ivanov from Regional Fire Safety and Population Protection Directorate Vidin shared his good impressions from the preparation of all participants who showed very good theoretical and practical knowledge. The contestants went through several points in which they showed in practice the lessons learned at school and the extra-curricular activities. As case studies in case of assistance, industrial accidents, radiation, flood, fire, contamination of food products. The participants were categorical that the lessons learned would help them in the future.

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