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Sadova Gymnasium School, Romania | SSN

Sadova Gymnasium School, Romania

Gimnasyum School Sadova

Gimnasyum School Sadova has functioned at the begining in a building build in the year 1889.

In  Sadova the school from downtown functions since 1960. Also as a part of the school there are the structures from Piscu Sadovei and Raieti.

In the  100 years of existence, our school has been noted as a good school unit. We offer a very extended range of education, to all those who ask for it  without making  racial, religious and sex discriminations. We mention that in our school unit we have rroma children.

               Gimnasyum School Sadova has the following structures: the structure  Raieţi, preschool and primary cicle,  where most of the people are of rroma origin ( 84%), the structure from Piscul Sadovei, preschool primary cicle, and gimnasyum were the number of rroma pupil is very small. The school from downtown is situated in the center of the village (Main Street, no. 1881), The Structure Piscul Sadovei is situated about 3 km away from Sadova village, on National Route 55, towards Bechet  and Raieti Structure is situated  2 km away from the downtown school, towards Craiova.

Considering the large number of pupils of rroma origin, the percentage of those not going to school from our school is very high, about  80% from the pupils who won`t come to school. The pupils found in this situations come from monoparental families, with a material situation on a very low limit of poverty. In the last 3  school years there were many cases of school abandonement as it follows: primary classrooms – 50 pupils, out of which 30 are girls; gimnasyum classroms – 70 pupils, out of which 47 are girls. From the total number of pupils, 65 % belong to the vulnerable groups: with high risk of school abandonment, thouse who`s parents are abroad, those with behavior problem, children with very poor material situation, children at risk of getting married early).

The percentage of the pople with parents abroad is of 80%,out of which 30% are gone away for more than 3 years. The procentage of the families with minimal income on economy or without income is of 40%. The procentage of the children involved in activities producing a revenue/ in a household is of over 60%. The procentage of the children coming from disorganized or monoparental families is of 15%. All of this prove the challenges and the hardships with wich the teachers confront themselves with the school mediator and other representatives of the local community involved in the life of the school.

         Great majority of the school abandonment belong to the Romanian pupil of rroma origin which come out of the learning system migrating abroad next to their parents. Another part of such cases is represented by the pupils who`s parents leave the contry, and they remain un watched, and so their interest towards school is very low.

For us, the child represents an INDIVIDUALITY AND PERSONALITY coming in shape who`s evolution we follow, we develop, we monitor after graduation too. In this sense our school policy is based on real educational partnership with the parents, local community and different school educational activity and extra school activity ment to increase the interest of the children towards educational act, to motivate them to go to school, to improve their school results and to create healty life abilities.


We function today with the number of 58 preschoolers, 254 pupils from primary cicle and 277 pupils of gymnasium school – total:592. The school has qualified personel at all disciplines: 45 teachers (3 educators, 13 teachers, 28 teachers). Out of them 39 are main teachers, iar 6 are secondary qualified teachers, 5 teachers and 1 primary school teacher.

In the previous school years, pupils found at risk of abandoning school they were involved in diferent projects,  programs and campains of preventing and reducing the school abandon and lacking from school. Their objective was to insure acces to education, preventing school abandonment, improving school performances of the pupils, proper development of child personality (increasing the self-wsteem, resilience, trust in their own forces, to manage the emotions and to solve conflicts, relate to other children and /or with aults, to reduce the anti-social behaviour).


Our school was the beneficiary of many programs financed by Foundation  ,,Terre  des  hommes’’:  in school year  2009-2010  -  ,,School after school”; in school year 2011-2012 - ,,Happy Thursday”; in the summer of 2011, as well as in the summer of 2012 -,,Vacation  I n my community ”; in school year 2012 – 2013 -

„Let`s go to school!”project in partnership with  UNICEF  and Institute of Economical Sciences  Bucharest; during the summer vacantion 2013 - „Vacantion btween friends – summer activities program”; in the summet of  2014 - „We play, we learn and grow vacantion!”,, Stop school abandonment !”-2015, proiect POSDRU

         Taking in consideration the acquired experience while implementing the projects and the programmes of preventing absenteism and school abandonment, we consider our institution to be a capable partner to successfully fulfull it`s responsabilities in this project and to ensure to the people from the target group the conditions to develop their needed competences to keep on their studies, in order to socially integrate.




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