Secondary School "Ivan Vazov" - Varshetz, Bulgaria

Address: Varshec. district Montana 
19, Tsar Ivan Asen Str. 
Tel. 095 272 157;  095 272 357 


Secondary School "Ivan Vazov", situated in town of Varshetz, is one of the beautiful big schools in Montana district. In the school there are 609 students from the town and 7 surrounding villages.

Management team is composed by one principal and two deputy principals.

The pedagogical staff is dedicated to working with students from I to XII class and participates annually in additional training related to work on improving teaching methodology and develop a number of extracurricular project activities.

People working in the school "Ivan Vazov" in its long-standing practice have proved as very good teachers - specialist teachers and non-teaching staff take care of our students, observing ethical and legal standards.

The school participates in various activities to motivate children for more active involvement in school life, inclusion of parents for the purpose of school education. Extracurricular activities such as summer school, clubs, excursions, boarding groups, orchestra, vocal ensemble, dance groups, sports teams and others have experience in implementing different projects such as “Safe Schools Network”. Volunteering is also a traditional form of modeling ethical behavior by giving personal influence. Volunteering promotes and encourages members and supporters to participate as volunteers in initiatives of public benefit. At initiatives equally involved are children of all ages, which contributes to improve communication between them and their desire to develop volunteering as a value and tradition, recognized by society.

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