Secondary School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius“- Vidin, Bulgaria

Address: 23 str. Gorazd, 3700 Vidin

Phones: 094/606 157, 094/600 621



Secondary School “St. St. Cyril and Methodius“- Vidin is a school with rich traditions. It was created in 1885 as a modest primary school. It has been passed through various stages of development to establish itself as one of the authoritative and leading educational institutions in the region.

In 1985, the school doors were opened for outstanding students in the field of art. First music class was formed in 1989.In 1993 students from choreography class were admitted. Through all these years in the school have been employed highly qualified, dedicated and knowledgeable teachers thanks to their quest for perfection make the school important in the region.

Young talents of the school have made more than 80 performances per year. Traditional are the Christmas and Spring concerts and concert for the patronal feast of the school on May 11th. Exhibitions of students in art classes on various anniversaries and holidays have been organized.

Students from music profile can study all kinds of classical and folk instruments and folk traditional singing as well.

The school periodically publishes "The Sixth" (part of previous name of the school) in which find place best student performances.

Especially noteworthy are brass band and cheerleaders. They are not only our proud, but one of the emblems of the city.

The participation in projects is increased. This creates opportunities to enrich the knowledge, to develop contacts and greater self-esteem of students who worthily represent Bulgarian culture among Europe.

Each performance of the students is at an extremely high level. All songs, music and dances performed by students are message to the future in which we aspire with enthusiasm and belief that the creative team of teachers will continue their dedicated activities in order to develop talented young people to face the challenges of a dynamic time we live.



Voluntary club "Rescuer 6" with leader Venera Mladenova and voluntary club "Volunteer 6" lead by  Alexander Petrov.


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