Theoretical Highschool Constantin Brancoveanu Dabuleni, Romania

Theoretic Highschool „C. Brâncoveanu” – Gate to the future


The location Dăbuleni is found on the left shore of the Danube, at a distance of 80 kilometers south from the capital city Craiova, residence of Dolj County.

          Has a population of about 14.000 de habitants, the basic occupation being agriculture.

The bases of learning from Dăbuleni are conected with the first school leagions, decreated in  the Law of Organic Rule from 1831. The learning hastradition in Dabuleni, and the Thoretic Highschool „C-tin Brâncoveanu” continues this tradition. At 15 September 1961 the gates of „Mixed Medium School”  from Dăbuleni were opened, which took the name of Theoretic Highschool „CONSTANTIN BRÂNCOVEANU” starting with the school year 1990/1991. In 1980 has moved in a new building, becoming  Agricultural Highschool, then in 1990 the old building  of General School  no. 4 was reopened.

           By building a new school location, care posesing a good material base, The Theoretic Highscool functions, since september 2001, in this building.   

At the unit level, we find all the structures of preuniversity learning, starting with preschool level up to the superior cycle of the highscool, schooling about  1000 pupils (from 3 to 19 years old), coordinated and guided by about 80 teachers, with specialised training in depth thru doctoral and master classes. Since 2010, School No. 3 Dăbuleni has become a structure of the Theoretic Highschool „Constantin Brâncoveanu”, Dăbuleni.

    Partnerships and Projects

  • Unilateral Project Comenius – 11-PM-222-DJ-RO: European students: agents of sustainable development
  •   Project Youngsters at cultural and economical romanian-bulgarian confluences
  •  Program PHARE CBC
  •   Project E.Y.Es  BLOG ( European Youth Experiences Trough the building of website and blogs) Program Comenius 1


  • Projects and Partnerships Eco


           In the heart of Oltenia`s Sahara, as Dabuleni is surcalled, the sands blow away the hopes of the people dealing with agriculture, the desertifiction beeing more and more obvious. So the pupils and the teachers of the Theoretic Highschool „C-tin Brâncoveanu” couldn`t have no reaction to the efforts of rebuilding and preservation of the surrounding enviorement. At the unit level there were organised: the ecocaravan of enviorement promotors, The national contest Eco Fun, School – educational center for an ecological community, Think green, live green, The circle dancing of the earth, Romania gets roots etc. 

At the national campaign of reforesting on diferent surfaces, initiated by Realitatea TV Station – România gets roots – and developed at Dăbuleni, there were 300 pupils and teachers from our highschool, bringing their contribution to nature protection, understanding the importantce of ecologic actions.

Thru the pertnership and the projects on ecologic themes developed at our highschool, we aimed to develop the capacity of adjustment and comunication of the pupils, as well as to make them responsable in protecting the enviorement especially since the actions have targeted the pupils of diferent age, from preschoolars to highschool pupils in XIIth grade, all of them hoping for a better and „greener” future.



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