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28.03.2019 Students from the St. Cyril and St. Methodius school - Vidin held a practical training with some of the appliances provided under the project. They also listened to lectures where we should stand in the classroom in an earthquake, when we can leave the building safely, and what sequence of steps we need to follow.

These are drawings on the subject "Drawing the disaster" of the students from Ivan Vazov school, Berkovitsa, Bulgaria..
  1. Violeta Angelova Yonova
  2. Valentin Ivov Velkov.
  3. Ivana Nikolaeva Ivanova.
  4. Martin Emilov Gogov.
  5. Donko Rosenov Todorov.
  6. Daniela Petrova Raykova.

"Flooding" - Katherine Ivova Dimitrova - 5th grade
"Flash" - Deyan Milenov Ivanov - 5th grade
"Fire" - Pamela Tsvetan Dimitrova - 5th grade

On 28.03.2019. in Lyuben Karavelov Primary School -  Vidin took place a training of a team "Young volunteer" under the title "Let's react properly in the conditions of disaster." With the equipment available, the students headed by Iliana Tacheva held the club's next practical session. Initially, the pupils were instructed and explained how the training would help them in a real disaster. The children wery happy tto ook part in the training.

On 18 March 2019, the students participating in the Young Volunteer Club at the Ivan Vazov School in Berkovitsa held a training session entitled "Types of wounds and first aid in soft tissue injuries". Young volunteers learned to recognize the wounds depending on the cause and mastered some of the basic techniques of banding. They showed great interest and willingly participated in role-playing and situational games.

Here you can see the award winning artworks of students from the school "Konstantin Fotinov" - Lom, participants in the network project "To Draw the Disaster".

  1. "Precursor of the Storm", Ivelin Todorov Georgiev, club "Artists of Safety"
  2. "Tsunami", Daniel Emilov Dimitrov, club  "Artists of Safety"
  3. "Save the Forest", Esther Kamenova Ilieva, club "Artists of Safety"
  4. "Save the Child", Nadia Ivanova Petrova, club "Artists of Safety"
  5. "Sea Storm", Tsvetko Georgiev Ivanov, club "Artists of Safety"
  6. "Tornado", Rositsa Alyosheva Maneva, club  "Artists of Safety"

15.02.2019 The network project TO DRAW THE DISASTER aims to collect artworks from Bulgarian-Romanian safe schools network and to make an online exception. There is no limits of type of artworks - they can be drawings, collages, etc. on the topic „nature disaster”. We are expecting up to max. 5 artworks per school (color photos of them) until the end of March 2019.

01.02.2019 At Ivan Vazov School in Vidin, a practical disaster protection training was held. The subject of the event was "Action in snowstorms, frosts and frosts".

16.01.2019. The club "Young Firefighter" at Ivan Vazov School - Vidin, leaded by Kiril Georgiev, held a theoretical lecture with a discussion about nodes and hoses. A representative of RSFSPP - Senior Inspector Ivaylo Yordanov was invited. The course is conducted in accordance with a well-established curriculum for the theoretical and practical training of the teams, coordinated with the RME - Vidin.


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