"Days of Dance"

Our small neighbourhood has always been cheerful. The people loved to play, sing, dance. However, back in 1978, the first steps were taken when the Center for Culture began to organize municipal festivals of modern ballet. It was a turning point for a small developing municipality that sought to rise on a cultural level. A significant year and a significant event that will result in a 35-year-long tradition. Due to the great interest and desire to make the festival popular in Bela Palanka, in 1985 the first republic festival of modern ballet "SMOBS" was organized. As the festival grew in number of participants, in 1995 it grew into the festival of artistic dance of the youth of Serbia "Days of Dance".


For many years, the festival gathered children and young people from all over Serbia. There were great gatherings because the atmosphere in our small town is family-like and warm. The members of the groups usually spent the night with the hosts, the family in Bela Palanka, so various friendships developed over the years. For a long time, those June days were important for our small community, because then Bela Palanka came to life. People go out, hang out and go about the town, something happens - as some would say.

The jury was always composed of experts from the world of ballet and dance, such as the prima ballerina of the National Theater in Belgrade, Milica Bjelic, the soloists of the National Theater in Belgrade, Sofija Fekete and Maja Kovacevic. There is always a nice guest at the final dinner, a male or female singer, who makes a nice gathering at the end of the program.

Retospective from year 2018. Link.

A lot of young people, especially children have come, passed and danced their dance on the beautiful Vrelo, on the summer stage where the festival takes place. A lot of them started there and continued towards big ballets, groups, their today's vocation.

This sad year has stopped our small but dear tradition. However, looking to the future, we remember all the beautiful years and socializing at festivals. We hope that a spark will shine in the hearts of good people to see and feel the charm of the dance and the steps again, and continue this wonderful festival. It may not be a significant historical event, but it is a significant cultural one. An event that marked the lives of many people in Bela Palanka and those who came there, an event that is worth remembering and still holding.

Broadcast about "Days of Dance" - link.

36th festival should be in June 2020. Maybe it will take place, maybe these misfortunes will leave us and let us dance and hear the murmur and laughter of children who are preparing to run on stage. Let's hear again the satisfied applause of the audience and the joy of the youngest players who wave to their parents, sisters and brothers in the audience in astonishment and with much joy.

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