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Project Funded by ERASMUS+ KA205 - Project Reference Number: 2019-2-FR02-KA205-016241


Via Charlemagne (coordinator) - France; Redefine - Associação Para a Investigação, Educação e Desenvolvimento - Portugal; Autokreacja Foundation - Poland; Xenia. Verein zur Förderung der Vielfalt - Autriche IZMIR VALILIGI - Turquie; Free Youth Centre  - Bulgarie


In the wake of recent crises (economic crisis, refugee crisis, Brexit), the challenges facing the Union have led to a rise in Euroscepticism, far-right movements, increased hate speech, intolerance, discrimination and racism. With this proposal, we want to introduce a combination of approaches, tools and informal training instruments to help young people understand, orient themselves and thrive in an increasingly diverse and pluralistic society. With this project, we want to engage young people in exploring the concept of unity in diversity in specific fields of application, thus demonstrating the meaning, validity and practical application of the concept across the political and societal structures and mechanisms on which European society is built. The main target groups of the project are both young people at risk of exclusion (ethnic minorities and immigrants) and young representatives of the majority population (with a particular focus on those who tend to support Eurosceptic and far-right movements).

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