Explore what disasters (natural or man-made) have historical data and memories in your settlement. Describe them and illustrate them with photographs or drawings.

The Flood in Vidin in 1942

Students from the Phoenix Club and the Young Volunteer Club at the Lyuben Karavelov University - Vidin in April and May, conducted research on one of the biggest disasters in the city - the flood in March 1942. The study included all: visited the State Archives - Vidin, the Mihalaki Georgiev Regional Library - Vidin; recorded the story of the grandparents - witnesses of the disaster. We collected the system in: presentation, posters and story "Water, wood and memorial"


The school unit belongs to a community from a very old rural side, located in the south section  of Dolj County, in Oltenia`s field, on the right shore of the Jiu river, at 50 de km away from Craiova city. The commnity has today a population of about 6200 habitants and was identified in history documents since the XVI th century.


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