Explore what disasters (natural or man-made) have historical data and memories in your settlement. Describe them and illustrate them with photographs or drawings.

In Bechet city – found on the south of Dolj County, harbour at Danube and State Border crossing point towards  Bulgaria – first unit of learning dates since the year 1853. In 1894 another school location was build, were nowthe Primary school from Bechet functions, after it`s rehabilitation thru the World Bank, in the year 2003.

The school unit belongs to a community from a very old rural side, located in the south section  of Dolj County, in Oltenia`s field, on the right shore of the Jiu river, at 50 de km away from Craiova city. The commnity has today a population of about 6200 habitants and was identified in history documents since the XVI th century.

Short hystory of the location and of the school from Negoi


Negoi location exists since  , as it is mentioned in a document of the Romanian Academy since the year 1816. /7. On that time the village was called Urâți and was belonging to the monastery Vierosi.  The ocation is at  15 km away from  Băilești train station and at  75 km south west of  Craiova. It`s terain is a  flat field  called Măgura-Cârstei.

In this area, there are a few knolls: Zavleca, Coteiașul, Cârstei.  


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