Low Secondary School "Doctor Peter Beron" Montana, Bulgaria

Address: 3400 Montana, 48 Aleksandar Batenberg

Tel: 096 303 305

E-mail: tretoou@abv.bg


Third Law Secondary School „Doctor Peter Beron” was established in 1962. Initially, students had been trained in the building of the Polytechnic School.

In 1968 the new building of the school was opened.

In 1981 an additional corpus was opened which construction many parents help for with volunteering work.

In 1993 the school considered its patron name of National Leader Doctor Petar Beron.

In 2005 first computer lab was opened and in 2006 – second one. During the year 2010/2011 the two cabinets were entirely renovated.

During 2006 - 2007 a complete repair of all campuses was made and renovation of large gym. It was created an accessible architectural environment. The school acquired its new European look.

In 2006 it was established and the emblem of the school, which was later included as part of the school uniform.

In 2009 introduced school uniforms became a symbol of the school, a sign of belonging to the school community.

In 2011 the web page of the school was created.

The school has a tradition that gives start in life not only of students but also of teachers in their professional career. The quality of education is a priority in the work of the ambitious team. Since its establishment until today our school teaches and educates generation after generation, investing in their knowledge and spiritual energy, which now turn our students spread it away.

Management team is consisted by principal and Vice principal. 

The pedagogical staff is composed of specialist teachers who work with students from I to VIII class. Annually receive additional training related to work on improving teaching methodology and develop a number of extracurricular project activities. We, the staff of the third School "Doctor Petar Beron" - Montana work with the ambition for our students to receive excellent training and to become knowledgeable, capable and creative minded individuals. Approaching with the necessary patience and respect for the personality of each student, we take care of their full physical and mental growth.

This year the school (2016-2017) is included in the project  “Safe School Network”.  The project aims to create a model of safe schools in the Bulgarian-Romanian border region (district Dolj in Romania; Vidin and Montana, Bulgaria). In each school, working on this project two volunteer club with students from sixth and seventh grade should be created. Their work is aimed at developing civic competences and skills for responding to disasters, accidents and catastrophes, as well as prevention to reduce risk and protection during disasters and emergencies at school.

Participants of the club "Young rescuer" in the school will draw on the Regional Directorate “Fire Safety and Population Protection”and will share best practices in the project website.



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